Health Benefits Of Hemp



The hemp plant is a variety of cannabis plants that is known to have very low levels of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound. Hemp plants do not cause increased psychoactivity as the THC compound is usually below 0.3%. This is what makes the plant important for your health and wellness.

The Cannabidiol phytocannabinoid is mostly extracted from the hemp plant. On the other hand, you can get hemp seed oil from this amazing plant. Do not forget that the THC compound too has crucial medical benefits. In fact, having THC and CBD in your hemp seed oil brings about the entourage effect. Well, the entourage effect comes as a result of the synergistic working of all the three products to complement each other's benefits.

In this article, we shall be looking at the various benefits of hemp seed oil, CBD and THC extracted from the hemp plant.


Hemp seed oil benefits

Hemp seed oil is derived from hemp seeds by cold pressing them. The oil is important, especially for skincare. Do not be amazed by the many skincare products that are based on hemp seed oil. The oil is rich in essential nutrients, phytocannabinoids and fatty acids. Normally, hemp seed oil is applied topically.

Let's have a look at some of the benefits of hemp seed oil for your skin

  • Moisturisation - the oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that helps in stimulating new skin cell growth while being an anti-inflammatory.
  • Anti-aging - hemp seed oil prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines which helps maintain a young looking skin.
  • Optimized oil production - clogged pores in your skin lead to a lot of skin problems including acne. Hemp seed oil applied topically does not clog the pores while at the same time gives moisturising, soothing and hydrating properties.


Hemp CBD benefits

You may find it hard to exhaust all the benefits of the CBD cannabinoid. This is due to how the cannabinoid impacts the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to bring about a myriad of benefits all over your body.

Here are the most common applications of CBD oil from hemp plants.

  • Sleep - Cannabidiol helps alleviate sleep deprivation problems by treating a number of conditions that we shall see below.
  • Pain and inflammation - CBD is a great anti-inflammatory agent and will help get rid of muscle cramps, joint pain inflammations, injury pain and even pain from other health conditions.
  • Anxiety - CBD helps calm wandering brains and cools down your anxiety. The compound is helpful in preventing stress and depression.
  • Skin conditions - being an anti-inflammatory agent CBD helps deal with skin acne. The compound also regulates the overproduction of sebum that leads to acne.


Hemp THC benefits

As already noted, THC in less than 0.005% is allowed in Australia and will have no psychoactivity side effects. Also, dependence won't set in with such concentrations.

You will note that the benefits of THC are more if the same as CBD. Why is this so? Both THC and CBD are phytocannabinoid compounds and work in the same way, attaching to cannabinoid receptors in our bodies to trigger crucial homeostatic reactions.

One notable extra benefit of THC is improving appetite. The compound binds to CB1  receptors to stimulate more eating.



Hemp plants have shown to have numerous health and wellness benefits. If you are yet to enjoy them, it's high time you did it.