Exploring Hemp Without Fear or Shame

It's the third decade of the 21st century and truth be told, there is an increase in the number of people interested in plant medicine. Well, getting natural and holistic treatment is not something new. In fact, plant medicine was there before we could invent prescription medication.

The hemp plant is known to have a number of health benefits. Thanks to its cannabinoid rich nature, the plant has always been used to heal certain conditions. Hemp is also a great source of fiber. There are even cases of producing natural plastic from hemp. Ever heard of hemp food? Yes, hemp is also a source of nutrients for your body.

Now if you thought of the hemp plant to be only medicinal, this article looks into the many other uses of the hemp plant.

Hemp as medicine

Hemp is one of the oldest plants planted by humans. It's said that one of the earliest uses of the hemp plant was to treat rheumatism and gout. This was in 2737 BC by Chinese emperor Shen Huan.

There is evidence of hemp use by Arabic physicians using hemp plants for a number of conditions. Some of the applications include hemp as an analgesic, antiemetic, antipyretic, diuretic and anti- inflammatory. This happened between the 8th and we 18th century.

The Queen of France, commissioned a book on agricultural plants that included the hemp plant. The authors implied that the hemp plant was a crucial medical and recreational plant during mediaeval France.

Today, the discovery of phytocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system have fuelled numerous research into the medical benefits of hemp. We can now understand how hemp CBD, THC and hemp seed oil work when used for various conditions. Some of these conditions are  epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety and inflammation.


Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is a strain that is known to have little medical benefits but high fiber content. This strain of hemp plants has also been around for ages.

Have you heard about Henry Ford? The founder of Ford Motor company was a business magnate and a great industrialist. He is quoted saying that growing hemp forests can help in keeping forests safe from deforestation. He also said that hemp is a great alternative to mineral mining that caused a number of environmental problems.

Over thousands of years ago, hemp was used to produce fiber. In the modern days, we have new industries producing natural plastic from hemp plants. This can be seen as a natural way of solving environmental pollution and global warming.


Hemp food

Hemp plants are heavily laden with a number of essential nutrients for our bodies. The most common foods derived from the hemp plant are hemp based proteins, hemp oil, hemp milk and hemp cheese. The nutrition benefits of hemp plants include proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

The use of hemp plants for various applications did not start today. The effectiveness of hemp as medicine, food and industrial purposes has traversed over the ages. Explore the benefits of hemp without fear of its efficiency today. No shame in using hemp products in the 21st century.